WISD 2018 Awards Highlight School Luncheon

The 2018 Waskom Independent School District School year is winding down, with the WISD having an early closing on Friday, June 1, 2018, at 1:00 PM.

Just in the nick of time, on May 30, 2018, at the Waskom Middle School Cafeteria, men and women that serve the school district and community were honored and saluted. WISD Jimmy Cox and WHS Principal Kassie Watson led the luncheon and event.

Starting the luncheon event and awards were as noted:

  • Elementary Teacher of the Year 2018: Brooke Michel
  • Elementary Para of the Year 2018: Jamie Cullum
  • Middle Teacher of the Year2018: Fred Kennedy
  • Middle Para of the Year 2018: Erika Hyter
  • High Teacher of the Year 2018: Carol French
  • High Para of the Year 2018: Susan Michel
  • District Teacher of the Year 2018: Carol French
  • District Para of the Year 2018: Erika Hyter

Special recognition pins were given to the following:

5 year pins

  • David Dulude
  • Julie Gay
  • Don Hardin (not present)
  • Daniel Swaim
  • Lori O’Dom
  • Jerlonda Snowden (not present)
  • Lacy Burson (not present)
  • Ashley Barbo
  • Larry Brown (not present)

10 year pins

  • Gary Wilson
  • Carlysa Jones
  • Angela Daniels
  • Teresa Williams

15 year pin

  • Erin Reeves

20 year pin

  • Davis Roberts

25 year pins

  • Melinda Nichols
  • Joyce Moore
  • Ray Sudds

40 year pin

  • Dottie Mercer

Ms. Rayla Dickinson prepared and provided the lists for the WISD.


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