Wildcats Roar – House of Champions and So Much More

The Waskom Wildcats keep roaring and winning, with multiple victories for the Waskom Wildcats, 7th, 8th grade and JV football teams led by Head Coach Whitey Keeling and his impeccable coaching staff. WISD Supt. Jimmy Cox and WHS Principle Kassie Watson are proud to report that football achievements are matched in the academic and scholastic grade averages in the classrooms. The essence and spirit of “Espre’ De Corp” is engrained at WHS, in the classroom and on the playing field.

Thursday night’s bi-district round of the playoffs didn’t disappoint, thanks to T.K. “Touchdown” Hamilton’s 134 yards and four touchdowns. The Waskom Wildcats made it to the second round of the playoffs with a 42-18 win over the Hemphill Hornets.

Earlier in the season, the Waskom Wildcats had their Homecoming Game and Event. Waskom High School remains undefeated in their homecoming games, so the attitudes are right where they are supposed to be – looking forward to the next game, next opportunity.

The morning after the game, Waskom High is back to business as usual, school is in and students and teachers look forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, mixed with football and bowl games. Coaches and staff are proud of their players, related by blood or through the brotherhood of sports. Graduate of Waskom High School 2015 3A, Division II Championship is Kevin Johnson, who is now attending SMU and will be playing in a TBA bowl game. Kevin Johnson’s mother, Coco Johnson is on staff at Waskom High.

Last Friday morning had Coach Keeling meeting a University of Houston scout, who is very interested in T.K. “Touchdown” Hamilton, as a prospective UT student and player. Coach knew T.K. would be relaxed, ready and prepared to meet the moment, just like he does time and time again, on the playing field. The meeting was like a Waskom Wildcat score for T.K. “Touchdown” Hamilton.

The Waskom Wildcats have a long and storied history. In 2010 Coach Keeling came to Waskom High School as Head Football Coach, with his wife, Carie and three children, Dylan Harkrider, Paxton Keeling and daughter Cayman Keeling.

This new start began a road towards a new direction, growth, development and victory that prompted two years of Texas State Championships in Waskom High School for the 2014, 3A, Division II Championship and 2015, 3A, Division II Championship, with Coach Keeling at the helm.

When Coach Keeling arrived in Waskom, there was no 7th, 8th grade or Junior Varsity football program. A long way from not being in the game, the Thursday night victories – the math done right, the numbers cannot lie – places the combined 7th, 8th and JV teams as undefeated for the 2017 season, their field of dreams has unlimited potential for a House of Champions.

The year 2017, Coach Keeling with his wife, Carie, are at home at Waskom High School, with a legacy of winning and integrity. Like father, like son – Keeling’s brand of excellence has left its mark on Waskom High, where his oldest son, Dylan Harkrider, was the Wildcat quarterback on the 2015 State Champs and has a 17-0 record winning season and a standing record that remains unequaled. Currently, Dylan is a student at the University of Texas. Paxton Keeling is a Waskom Wildcat and their sister, Cayman is a cheerleader, carrying on the Waskom Wildcat Nation tradition.

The Waskom Wildcats have won the 1st round playoff game. There are six rounds to get to the State Championship game. The Wildcats’ next playoff game will be Friday, November 24th in Forney, Texas at 2 PM. Devoted fans eagerly anticipate more victories.

For all of the Wildcats’ successes, Coach Keeling credits his stellar coaching staff – the unsung heroes behind the scenes. Coach Keeling’s dedication and commitment to excellence echoes in the study halls across the football field and through the uprights on the playing field, all being winners in the Wildcat Nation, home of champions, on and off the field of play.

Coach Keeling, his staff and all the players are working towards winning daily, taking nothing for granted. Their dedication and perseverance are paying off, inspiring many others along the way.

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  1. The Keelings are the best thing to have happened to thete kids of WHS. Not only the guys on the football field, but every kid can benefit from that success.

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