Wildcats Chain Bulldogs to Nation’s Wall 57 to 28

Waskom Wildcats travelled to Carthage Stadium to meet the Garrison Bulldogs in a Friday night dog fight of football for Region III Championship playoffs. Kickoff began at 7:30 and it was game on from the beginning. Waskom’s stars shone bright on the field. The Friday night football Class 3A, Division II, Region III game had Waskom written all over it.

Keeling’s Wildcats brought their lessons learned from the playbook to be executed on the  playing field, dominating the Bulldogs throughout.  In the Wildcat tradition, Waskom opened up with a 47-yard drive and found Jacob “Rumbling” Reeves, as he muscled his way through the Bulldog defense for 25 yards and Waskom’s first 6 points. Waskom’s kicker, point after Wildcat Hugo Tapia made his contribution, making it 7-0 in the first quarter.

The Waskom defense held and provided the Wildcat offense another scoring opportunity stopping the Bulldogs possession.  Wildcat Quarterback Ty Carter hit Hill for a 16-yard launch and the drive completed with the score being 14-0.

Wildcat Carter called on reliable Reeves to punch through the Bulldog defensive line from 6-yards out, to add 6 more points to the growing Wildcat Nation lead in the second quarter.

The Wildcats defense scored the next touchdown, when Raymond Ramirez picked off Bulldog Quarterback Drew Wise’s pass and went the distance for a 56-yard return, to add 6 more points towards building a commanding 28-0 lead.

The Bulldogs did not want to leave the first half with no points, against the tough Wildcat defense. Garrison Quarterback Drew Wise hit Canyon Holmes for a 49-yard pass for a touchdown, with a little over three minutes to play in the first half. The score was 28-7, but the Wildcats had not finished yet the first half.

The Wildcat Nation defensive wall was holding strong against the Bulldog offense, with the Wildcats scrambling and collared Bulldog Quarterback Drew Wise for a sack in the Garrison end zone for a stunning safety, adding 2 more points for a tally of 30-7 at half time.

The second half brought the Bulldogs back to the scoreboard, when Wise found Madedric Collins for a 25-yard touchdown pass – bringing the score to 30-14.

The Wildcats kept the ball more than they gave it up through the night. The Wildcats were forced to punt in the 3rd quarter. However, the Bulldogs fumbled on receiving the kick, to have Lamnntre Stephens for Waskom snap the ball up and return it to the Garrison’s goalposts for 6 points, making it Waskom 36, Garrison 14.

Wildcat Quarterback Ty Carter led the charge with stats of 402 yards rushing and 41 in passing, for a 2-for-5 evening, with one TD for his record with a game total of 443 yards.  The Wildcats were scoring from the offense, to the defense. Raymond Ramirez intercepted a Bulldog pass to return it for 6 points after a 56-yard return to the Bulldog goal-line.

The night was strong on numbers where T.K. “Touchdown” Hamilton, for the Wheeling Wildcat running game battered the Bulldog defense with 114 yards rushing and one TD for a night’s work.  Wildcat Jacob Reeves added two touchdowns and with 75 yards rushing.

Wildcat Bryan Holland raced for 44 yards on 5 carries and one TD. Tristan McDonald left his mark on the Bulldogs with one carry and 6 points for a 13-yard burst.

Garrison Bulldog Quarterback Drew Wise played a gallant game of football, throwing for 11-of-21 for a 224-yard total, with 3 touchdowns and 3 interceptions for his tally. Bulldog Collins made 4 catches for 82 yards and 1 TD. Jakelen Tutt added 1 touchdown, rushing for 52 yards and Canyon Holmes had 3 catches with 2 touchdowns for a 75-yard total.

Garrison concludes their season with a 7-6 record. The Waskom Wildcat Nation faces with Newton next week coming to the game with a 9-4 season record.

The stats and numbers never equaled out for the night’s playoff but all that mattered was the final score 57-28. The Wildcats raised their hands to conclude their victorious night.

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