Waskom Schools Flourish and Expand

Waskom Independent School Superintendent Jimmy Cox can hardly wait for the start of the 2017 school season, on August 21, 2017, with a glowing financial and academic report for the upcoming School board meeting on August 31, 2017.

The new school year will unveil new and refurbished buildings, STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) class rooms, state-of-the-art science lab, addition of 17 brand-new classrooms, new bathrooms, covered walkways, refurbished auditoriums, cafeteria, a culinary arts facility, band and music rooms, workout facilities, locker rooms, new staff and coaches’ offices and additional parking, on the scale even larger schools can rarely achieve. Exciting changes are underway for the Waskom elementary school, middle school and high school.

School attendance is growing and the new additions will provide plenty of room for expansion, for many years to come.

This colossal project was made possible by the Waskom School District voters, who approved a $13.4 million bond in the fall of 2015. The hard work and dedication of the WISD reflects the very best for the State of Texas, the region and Ark-La-Tex, for the families and students that make up the Waskom area.

Construction was successfully completed, leaving a $450,000.00 dollars surplus under Superintendent Jimmy Cox’s supervision, working closely with Construction Manager, Ron Boone of Boone & Boone Construction, based in Tyler, Texas. This up-close working relationship has kept the project on schedule and under budget, but never compromising materials and craftmanship for this top shelf school system.

School security is a priority in today’s climate and students will have locked doors, accessed by bar codes on their picture ID cards. Digital lighting has been installed to automatically turn lights on and off, as a great way to minimize energy usage. Supt. Cox can set air-conditioner temperatures during and after school hours from his phone, to implement more cost and energy saving techniques that will benefit the school budget.

State-of-the-art science lab at the Waskom High School is reportedly the best-equipped one in Texas.

An incredible workout facility has doubled the square footage for weight training, with a 6,000 sq. ft. workout place with 16 racks of weights, bars and benches.

Waskom school athletes will be thrilled with a new practice gym, generously-sized locker rooms and spacious offices for the hard-working coaches.

The new band hall will put Waskom school band on par with other programs in the area, allowing them to compete alongside the best of the best.

The new construction expansion treats visitors, as well as the home team, with added parking and more uniform bus and parent pick-up, drop-off services for all three schools. O’Bannion street parking will be supplemented with 80 more parking spaces and another 125 spaces for overflow parking on game nights.

Covered walkways are provided to keep the students out of the rain or out of the sun, both of which are valuable options in the East Texas weather.

The Waskom campus resembles a Texas college campus that offers mechanics and wood work, with a new computerized wood router and planer, Hot and Cold Welding shop facilities.

Science classes will be Internet-connected, with computer tables and Chrome books for the high school students. School kids of all ages will have fun with the new wiggle stools, to keep those seated on the move and active in classes.

A four-year culinary arts program equips freshmen to seniors with the opportunity to learn the culinary arts and elements of being a top chef in the professional realm. Elizabeth Johnson, affectionately known as Big Mama, prepares fine foods for guests like the Lion’s Club, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Pastors Alliance and others from the student body and community.

Waskom Supt. Jimmy Cox starts his 40th year in the ISD system, at the top of competition for the surrounding school districts. The student body is growing, stats and grades are on the rise, while the school budget is making dollars and sense for our community leaders, providing the very best facility and personnel, wisely investing in the future of our children.

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  1. Thank you for highlighting Waskom’s excellent school system! It has wonderful teachers, staff, and community support. I’m very proud of our home town!

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