Waskom Library’s Summer Reading Program Draws a Full House

Waskom Library’s powerhouse ladies, Willa Bose and Winnie Dulin, continue to plan exciting events for the children and their families, unfolding every week with the popular Summer Reading program. During the first week’s presentation, the kids were charmed and entertained by Ms. Ellie and her trick dogs. Clever canines performed for the children and then enjoyed some petting. Reading time and crafts for the kids completed the fun-filled agenda, bringing sunshine to the rainy day.

For the second week of the Summer Reading program, a full house of kids, teenagers and grown-ups gathered at the Waskom Library. They were paying close attention to Guest Speaker, Texas Game Warden Scott Robertson, a five-year veteran with this branch of Texas Law Enforcement.

Robertson thrilled the kids with his stories and answered their questions about his duties as a peace officer, explaining the very broad and large range of jurisdiction Game Wardens provide. Game Warden Robertson shared that on average there are two Game Wardens per county in Texas that utilize a full range of vehicles, SUV’s, boats and helicopters.

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree and is an avid reader – an interest he held on to since childhood. He encouraged his young and enthusiastic audience to read whenever possible in their educational journey, towards their future career goals. Two young girls expressed their desires to become police women when they grow up. Everyone in attendance applauded their admirable goals.

The children were enthralled, when Scott spoke of removing a 9-foot-long alligator from the roadway, stressing public safety and the welfare of animals when and where possible. Warden Robertson reminded everyone to use life vests when on the water, for good safety habits. Life jackets are mandatory for children under 18 at all times, while boating.

After Game Warden Robertson concluded his presentation, Mrs. Pam Chisholm read the book “999 Tadpoles” to the children.

The Waskom Library has a dedication and rich history, providing entertaining reading materials and topics for the kids everyday and certainly with special guests and occasions like this ongoing Summer Reading Program, which will continue every Thursday at 2 PM, through July 27, 2017.

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