Waskom High School National Honor Society Event

The 2018 year school is coming to an academic end for this year, as the finest of Waskom’s Wildcats rise to the top of academic excellence. The torch of achievement was honored and passed on to the future of those recognized and honored today by family, staff and the student body.

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization dedicated to recognizing and encouraging outstanding high school students in grades 10-12. Founded in 1921 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals, it was the first nationwide honor society and now has chapters in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and many other US territories. The National Honor Society estimates that today, more than one million students participate in their activities.

Waskom High School Principal Kassie Watson coordinated the event with WHS National Honor Society Officers, Kennadie Philpot, President, Blakley Canfield, Vice President, Myka Fulce, Secretary, Ja’ Mia Haggerty, Treasurer.

The Thursday morning event and celebration went with military precision with an introduction by Kennadie Philpot, the Pledge of Allegiance led by Blakely Canfield, followed by President Philpot’s welcome to all in attendance.

An explanation of goals, aspired to by the Honor Society, was the topic of Character presented by VP Blakely Canfield, “Membership to NHS, you will need to prove that you’re cooperative, responsible, reliable and honest. You should have a clean disciplinary record and show respect and courtesy to those around you.”

Myka Fulce addressed Scholarship, “National guidelines require you to be in grades 10-12 and maintain a cumulative GPA of 85 or higher in order to qualify. This is a B average or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Though this is the national minimum, many local chapters establish higher standards, so you will need to check the requirements of your local chapter to see if your GPA qualifies you. If your GPA does meet the minimum standard as defined by your local chapter, you will have the opportunity to complete a form detailing your accomplishments in the other three pillars, listed below.”

Ja’Mia Haggerty delivered the aspects of Leadership in the NHS, “You will also be evaluated for your leadership skills. In this area, you should highlight your experiences taking leadership roles in school and community activities. This could include things like being a team captain, organizing a youth group, or being a part of student government. NHS specifically seeks student leaders who are “resourceful, good problem solvers, and idea contributors.

President Kennadie Philpot concluded with Service, “Detail experiences in volunteer work, or other uncompensated, voluntary contributions to your school or community. Some local chapters will require you to have served a specific number of community service hours in order to qualify.  These hours could be spent organizing clothing or food drives, participating in clean up days on campus, or voluntarily tutoring younger students.”

Presentation of the Candidates and all in attendance was made by Myka Fulce and Ja’ Mia Haggerty led the Candidates pledge and Candle Lighting ceremony.   Members at large were Blakely Canfield, Ty Carter, Jasmine Cherry, Josh Cole, Jaycee Cullum, McKenzie Dale, Adrianna Daniels, Myka Fulce, Devin Gentry, Dawson Goud, Josie Gonzales, Ja’ Mia Haggerty, Mikala Hattaway, Thomas Hornaday, Jada Jackson, Tucker King, Kala Kotowicz, Michaela Latham, Bree Launey, Aubrey Leonards, Jackie McCoy, Grace O’Dom, Rahcel Payne, Kennadie Philpot, Pedro Rodriquez, Jeramie Rogers and Vanessa Sweeton.

The National Honor Society Inductees for 2018

Angela Agundiz, Chaney Allwhite, Wyatt Ash, Angel Badillo, Canon Bird, Kyleigh Ceasar, Kurin Cherry, Connor Ditmore, Ashli Gonzalez, Faith Graves, Zack Grubbs, Sarah Henry, Gisselle Hernandez, ryan Holland, Christina Houston, Isaac Irving. Au’Jeane Jackson. Trey Jones, Edgar Magdaleno, Scharda Mims, Jacob Norris, lauren O’Connor, Michael Parker, Ray Ramirez, Jacob Reeves, Adolfo Sanchez, Kameron Willett, Jade Williams, Kaitlyn Woodman, Kiana Wynn

The Waskom Independent School District seeks to build a collaborative network of families, educators, and community members that promote excellence.  We are dedicated to honoring diversity, cultivating responsible citizens, developing leaders, and establishing pathways for students to have a positive impact on our community and world.


I pledge to maintain my high scholastic standing,
To hold as fundamental and worthy
An untarnished character,
To endeavor intelligently and courageously
To be a leader,
And to give of myself freely in service to others.
In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy
Of a place in the National Honor Society.

Sponsored by Mrs. Kellough

What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters in comparison to what lies within us.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


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