Waskom High School Homecoming 2017 Celebration and Football Coup

Friday night was full of excitement, as Waskom’s Homecoming King K.T. Ceasar and Queen Jamia Haggerty led the football kick-off between the Waskom Wildcats, with Head Coach Whitney Keeling defending their home turf from the Beckville Bearcats, led by their senior coach, Brad Jones. The Waskom Wildcats not only celebrated their Homecoming, but defended their home field and reputation by handing the Bearcats a handsome defeat with the final score of 55 to 13.

Waskom High School Principal Kassie Watson directed the massive gala event with ceaseless energy and precision, assisted by Jessica Nelson, Chandler Johnson and a team of AG students. Penny Norton spearheads the Waskom High School Dance for Saturday Night, October 21, 2017, 7:00 PM at the WHS Cafeteria, continuing this grand Waskom weekend.

Excited guests and participants were brimming with positive energy. Like everyone in attendance, Harrison County Commissioner William Hatfield was ready for a great night. No one walked away disappointed.

The stage was set earlier at the Waskom High School Ice Cream Social for staff and students, taking time to chill and enjoy sweet treats provided by the school’s administration. The Ice Cream Social was served with love by Bonita Cherry, Rhonda Sepulveda, Tammy Mierop, Brittany Davis and Rae Ann Patty, handing out delicious portions of homemade vanilla ice cream, chocolate and strawberry for students and staff, pre-homecoming events to kick off the festive mood.

The Homecoming events followed right on time and started by honoring the 1980 Waskom Baseball Team 2A Champions in attendance, with photographs taken to adorn the new Waskom Hall of Fame.

Assistant Coach Robert McCarty was present to lead team members Kenneth Jackson, Tommy Bowen, Michael Johnson, Lucky Busby, Prentis Hay, Jerry Harris, Clyde Ceasar, Ronald Jones, Brady Kincaid, Lynn Moody, John McGinn. Those valuable team members unable to attend but saluted in the tribute were Dee Ponder, Paul Hughes, Jack McDaniel, john Smith, Robert Maddox, Ricky Malone and Willie Turner. Former team member Herbert Johnson was acknowledged posthumously.

Special tribute was paid to three former classmates of Waskom High, with friends and family, for John Johnson, Daniel Garcia and Matt Martin, as an array of balloons was released in celebration of their lives that ended too soon, but remembered with great affection by the community and family.

The Homecoming Court for 2017 began with the Freshman Class of Waskom High with Kye Willett and Morgan Milner. Morgan is the 14-year-old daughter of Aaron and Maria Milner, with Morgan escorted by her father, Aaron on the playing field for the freshman group. Kye is the son of Wayne and Kayla Willett, and tonight Kye was escorted by his mother, Kayla.

The Sophomore Class showcased 15-year-old, Destiny LeBrun and Camon Phillips, the son of Clint and Staci Phillips. Destiny is the daughter of Christol, Gary Hall and Greg LeBrun. Destiny was escorted by her father, Greg LeBrun. Camon was escorted by his mother, Staci.

Representing the Junior Class for Waskom High is Kyleigh Ceasar, 16 and Raymond Ramirez, 16. Kyliegh is the daughter of Melita and Troy Ceasar. Kyleigh was escorted by her father, Troy. Raymond is the son of Bianca and Roger Ramirez, and Raymond was escorted by his mother, Bianca.

Waskom’s Senior High School Class was represented by Myka Fulce, 18 and Bradley Cochran, 17, both graced their senior class in the homecoming celebration. Myka is the daughter of Keasha Jones and Jim McDonald. Myka’s brother Tristan, escorted her. Bradley is the son of Mindy and Andrew Cochran, and tonight Bradley was escorted by his mother, Mindy.

Waskom’s Senior Class was well-represented by Jamia Haggerty and Ty Carter. Jamia is the 18-year-old daughter of John and Tonya Haggerty. Jamia was proudly escorted by father, John Haggerty. Ty Carter 17, is the son of Jeannie and Wayne Carter. Ty was escorted by his mother, Jennie.

The third Senior Class contribution to graduating seniors for homecoming 2017 is Josie Gonzales, 17, and KT Ceasar. Josie is the daughter of Maria Milner and the late Jose Gonzales. Josie has a very special escort by her grandfather, Aaron Norton. Josie has excelled for 3 years in a row maintaining the highest GPA standing academically during her high school education and now as a prominent high school senior. KT is the son of Melita and Troy Ceasar, with KT being escorted by his mother, Melita.

The Senior Class was providing more talent from its graduating class with Kennadie Philpot and Pedro Rodriquez. Kennadie is the daughter of Billie and Kim Philpot, with her father Billie escorting Kennadie in this special celebration. Pedro is the son of Maria Denison and Pedro Rodriquez and his mother, Maria escorted Pedro.

The Waskom High School graduating Class of 2017 announced the homecoming royal court of Queen and King to be Jamia Haggerty as Queen and KT Ceasar as King. The tiara and flowers were presented to the King and Queen by Danica Cantu and Corbin Speight.

Lion’s Club President and WISD Superintendent Jimmy Cox served smoked turkey legs for Waskom Wildcat football fans and had prepared pizza for the Waskom Alumni Reunion, gathering right after the Wildcat-Bearcat thriller game.  Pizza was furnished by Waskom’s own ‘Victor’s Hangout’ pizzeria, owned and operated by Bill Ledger and named in honor of his son, Victor, who makes fabulous pizzas even at his young age, bringing the taste of Italy to downtown Waskom.

The night never slowed down, from wow-factor entertainment, produced by WH Principal Watson, through passing the baton towards Friday night football under the supervision of Coach Keeling. The national anthem played and all stood in honor of our great nation, as the Wildcats demonstrated their respect for the patriotic moment and appreciation for the land we live and play in, followed by an inspirational prayer. Then the game was on!

The Wildcats, who won the toss of the coin with Wildcat Team Captain Jay Reeves at the start of the game, turned that home field advantage into six points right away, as Waskom’s Number 20, TK Hamilton galloped for a runaway touchdown. Bearcats defenders could only see the number 20 fade away from the ensuing Bearcats, as the Wildcat’s Hamilton was crossing the goal line and the 6 points illuminated on the Waskom Wildcat scoreboard in the opening first two minutes.

The crowd, Cheerleaders, WHS Band and Wildcat Belles showed their excitement and enthusiasm, jumping to their feet to cheer, setting the stage for the Friday Night celebration and upset of the Beckville Bearcats. Outperforming the expectations, Waskom Wildcats won over Beckville Bearcats, with a stunning score of 55:13.

Waskom High School is in a winning state of mind, while being mindful of their past, remembering those they loved and lost, embracing their bright future with winners’ hearts and spirit of excellence, in the schoolroom and playing field.


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