Waskom High School Graduation Night 2018

May 25th, at the Marshall Convention Center was the stage for the Waskom Wildcats graduating senior class to a packed house of family, staff and community.  The WISD was there in full force from the School Board, to the School administration, High School Faculty and staff.

The Waskom High School Band with Director Donald Hardin set the mood and night with music and Principal Kassie Watson served as Master of Ceremonies, welcoming all in attendance.

The evening started with the Pledge of Allegiance on this Memorial holiday weekend by graduating senior Bradley Cochran.

Jamia Haggerty led the Invocation for the night’s program to begin.

Waskom High Assistant School Principal Frank Crisp gave the Scholarship Recognition and conveyed the scholarship recipients would begin their college and university life, with nearly $400,000.00 thousand dollars in total scholarship funding for this year’s graduates.

Valedictorian Myka Fulce addressed the graduating class, recounting her academic journey that brings her to this graduation night and spring-boarding her into the next chapter of life.

The Salutatory address was presented by Josie Gonzales, through tears of joy and laughter, full of excitement in taking this next step in life.

WISD Superintendant Jimmy Cox, Principal Kassie Watson, WISD School Board President Jacob Speight presented the diplomas to the 2018 Graduating Class of Waskom High School.

Kennadie Philpot delivered the night’s Benediction, the Waskom Band played the Waskom Wildcat School Song and Principal Kassie Watson called the last dismissal for this 2018 Senior Class.

National Honor Society Members:

Blakely Canfield, John Carter, Jasmine Cherry, Joshua Cole, Jaycee Cullum, Adrianna Daniels, Myka Fulce, Vanesssa Garrett, Devin Gentry, Dawson Goad, Josie Gonzales, Jamia Haggerty, Mikala Hattaway, Thomas Hornaday, Jada Jackson, Tucker King, Kayla Kotowicz, Michaela Latham, Bree Launey, Aubrey Leonards, McKenzie Looper, Jacqueline McCoy, Grace O’Dom, Rachel Payne, Kennadie Philpot, Pedro Rodriquez, Jeramie Rogers, Jr.

Top 10%:

Blakely Canfield, Myka Fulce, Josie Gonzales, Mikala Hattaway, Edgar Pedraza

Distinguished Diploma:

Blakely Canfield, John Carter, Juan Castillo, Katorian Ceasar, Jasmine Cherry, Bradley Cochran, Joshua Cole, Mitchell Collins, Jaycee Cullum, Adrian Daniels, Adrianna Daniels, Madison Dollar, Myka Fulce, Vanesssa Garrett, Devin Gentry, Dawson Goad, Josie Gonzales, Ja’Kobe Green, Jamia Haggerty, Mikala Hattaway, Benjamin Henry, Martha Hernandez, Thomas Hornaday, Cordarius Jackson, Jada Jackson, Tucker King, Kayla Kotowicz, Michaela Latham, Bree Launey, Nicholas Lawrence, Aubrey Leonards, McKenzie Looper, Jacqueline McCoy, Jesica Hernandez, Grace O’Dom, Rachel Payne, Edgar Pedraza, Kennadie Philpot, Dylan Powell, Joe Rebulloza, Jason Reeves, Aleandra Montalvo, Pedro Rodriquez, Jeramie Rogers, Jr., Vincente Segura, Jack Smith, Rebecca Stephens, Chase Troquille, Holly Wright with Hailey Bass, Justin Fincher, Rowd Martin, Alexyss Mayberry, Tahalia Meredith, Jadrian Minter, Dylan Morris, Christian Smith, Kayla Thomas, Travion Williams

The scholastic and administrative body of the Waskom ISD were present: Jacob Speight, President, Oscar Garcia, Vice President, Shanta Chatman, Secretary, with Linda Bond, Christy Gentry, Dane Loyd and Jimmy Whorton. 

WHS Administration

Jimmy Cox                                          Superintendent

Kassie Watson                                   High School Principal

FrankCrisp                                         Assistant High School Principal

Jessica Nelson                                   High School Counselor

Whitney Keeling                                Athletic Director

Iyhia McMichael                                Girl’s Athletic Director

David Dulude                                    Waskom ISD Police Chief

Rae Ann patty                                   Assistant Superintendent CIA 

Waskom High School Faculty and Staff

Dylan Augustine             Emile Hornaday             Jillian Robinson

Christine Black               Lynn Honraday               Beth Rupp

Julia Bridges                  Chandler Johnson           Tarsha Smith

Hannah Brown                Kay Johnson                   Daniel Swaim

Larry Brown                   Liz Johnson                    Alysee Thomas

LaShonda Brown            Darnette Jones                Becky Thomas

Paula Carpenter              Jean Kellough                 Lauren Turner

Donna Crocker               Happy King                    Melanie Walden

Jack Dillard                    Dottie Mercer                 Devonna Warner

Carol French                   Karen Merritt                  Justin Watson

Julia Gay                        Susan Michel                  Michael Welch

Cheryl Gordon                Barbara Miles                 Joseph Williams

Sharon Green                  Joyce Moore                   Robyn Wilson

Don Hardin                    Penny Norton                 Rachel Wise

T. Higginbotham           David Roberts                 Nikki Wynn


Angela Agundiz                       Trey Jones

Kyleigh Ceasar                        Jacob reeves

Zach Grubbs                            Kaitlyn Woodman

Christina Houston                     Kiena Wynn

Until next year…………………………, “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power, and love and discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

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