Waskom High School 2018 Baccalaureate Ceremony

The Waskom Ministerial Alliance sponsored the Baccalaureate Ceremony at Waskom High.

The opening Invocation was delivered by WIASD School Board President Jacob Speight.

A warm welcome by Asst. Superintendent of CIA, Rae Ann Patty greeted the recipients, families, class members, staff and community in attendance.

WHS Principal Kassie Watson gave encouraging and supportive remarks on the conclusion of the graduating Class of 2018 for Waskom High School, in a grand tradition with the hands-on attention provided to every student by the staff of the WISD.

Faith Independent Baptist Church of Waskom, Pastor Doug Lovett gave a message of applause and challenge to the graduating class with a future and hope in the Word of God, with this solid educational foundation to build upon, as young adults embark on their chosen academic and career goals.

The evening concluded with the Benediction given by WISD School Board Member Linda Bond.

Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2018

  • Hailey Bass
  • Blakely Canfield
  • John Carter
  • Juan Castillo
  • Ka’Torian Mi’Untreceaser
  • Jasmine Cherry
  • Joshua Cole
  • Mitchell Collins
  • Jaycee Cullum
  • Adrian Daniels
  • Madsion Dollar
  • Jstin Fincher
  • Vanessa Garrett
  • Devin Gentry
  • Dawson Goad
  • Josie Anne Gonzales
  • Jakobe Green
  • Mikala Lee Hattaway
  • Benjamin Henry
  • Marth Hernandez
  • Thomas Hornaday
  • Cordarrius Jackson
  • Jada Jackson
  • Tucker King
  • Kayla Kotowicz
  • Michaehala Latham
  • Nicholas Lawrence
  • Bree Launey
  • Aubrey Leonards
  • Mckenzie Looper
  • Rowdy Martin
  • Alexyss Chantal Mayberry
  • Jacquelene McCoy
  • Jessica Hernandez
  • Tahlia Meredith
  • Grace O’Odom
  • Rachel Payne
  • Edgar Pedraza
  • Kennadie Philpot
  • Dylan Powell
  • Joe Michael Rebulloza
  • Jason Reeves
  • Alejandra Montalvo
  • Pedro Rodriquez
  • Jeramie Rodgers
  • Luis Sanchez
  • Vicente Segura
  • Samuel Serrano
  • Christian Smith
  • Jack Smiht
  • Rebecca Stephens
  • Kayla Thomas
  • Chase Allen Troquille
  • Travion Jamal Williams
  • Holly Wright

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