Waskom Fire Department Fundraiser Rang All The Bells

The Waskom Fire Department Fundraiser was held at the Waskom Middle School provided by the Waskom Independent School District and Superintendent Jimmy Cox with Waskom Fire Chief Murph King.

The Waskom Fire Department has been serving the Waskom community since 1952 and the region was well served by a delicious meal provided by Catfish Express at their annual fundraiser.

Tickets went like hotcakes for this fish and chicken dinner as the middle school cafeteria served as the gathering place.

The Waskom Chamber of Commerce presence was felt as many local businesses, churches, organizations, WISD, United Help Of Waskom provided great gifts and prizes for attendees to bid on in support of Waskom’s FD and EMT services.

Waskom’s very own and famed Auctioneer Mr. Jack Dillard and son, Jim Dillard, both kept the evening rolling with quick quips and the bids building towards many gifts from Wal-Mart to local businesses.

The Fire Department’s Fundraiser winners included Walmart gift cards were Syble McMillan, Pastor Sherry Crenshaw, and Teresa Garrison. The auction raised a total of $6,000.00 dollars.

Chief King and Asst. Chief Jerry Hall extended their thanks to the Waskom community for their dedication and commitment in supporting the department whose training and state of readiness is ongoing and growing with the continued support of the people of Waskom and surrounding area.

Donations and gifts can be made to the Waskom Fire Department year-round. The WFD is located at 140 E Texas Ave, Waskom, TX 75692.

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