Waskom Community Center In The Works

Waskom, the “Gateway To Texas,” is on the move and growing under Mayor Jesse Moore’s tenure of 20 years, leading the city towards more services and convenience to Waskom residents of all ages since 1997.

The city is progressing and expanding, with the community center underway, adjacent to the thriving Waskom-Taylor City Park.

Brookshire’s Spring Market opened a facility in Waskom to serve the growing community, with Waskom as the hub for the Ark-La-Tex region. McDonald’s and Burger King continue to provide excellent food and service for the I-20 travelers and Waskom residents.

The city received a grant of $350,000.00 dollars, with minimal costs to the city itself under the helm of Mayor Jesse Moore, with the cost of designing and building the Community Center estimated to be around $120,000.00 dollars. Weather is a key factor of a completion, with a target date of August 8, 2018.

City Secretary Tammy Lofton is coordinating the changes in Waskom with the Community Center, sidewalk expansions, water and sewage enhancements, replacements and upgrades, as part of a previous $2.4 million bond passed in September 2014.

Mayor Moore said the Community Center will be a multi-purpose facility for citizens of all ages and available to the Waskom ISD, and for the growing community programs. Concurrently, Ms. Lofton stated, “The facility will be a place for residents to rent for private and public events.”

The new Community Center will be located at 465 West School Ave. in Waskom and there are plans for expanded parking in purchasing adjoining acreage. The nearby Waskom-Taylor City Park will be the home and place for a much anticipated “Movie Night” for the City of Waskom, created by Mayor Moore and his administration.

Enhancements continue on a variety of economic fronts and growth with a fountain in the park pond, which has been stocked by the Texas Wildlife and Fisheries, enjoyed on Parents-Teachers Play-Day most recently by Waskom school children, parents and guests.

City improvement of the Waskom Public Library and demolishing of the old bank building while Citizen’s Bank serves the area. Efforts are moving forward to garner more historical recognition in the rich history of Waskom that comports with Marshall’s historical courthouse and tourist information for Harrison County.

Waskom statistically has normal economic growth, while the Waskom Police Department protects and serves the community, with crime at a lower rate. The Waskom Fire Department and EMS continue to upgrade their equipment and response time, with a heightened regard for the public.

Waskom features beautiful murals, at the Farmers Market, the library and “Victor’s Hangout” pizzeria, with plans for additional murals to come soon.

The Waskom community and churches work closely with the Texas Bureau Tourist facility on the nearby Texas-Louisiana border, where over 80,000 vehicles cross daily. The city is growing and going, the Waskom Chamber of Commerce continues to attract businesses and visitors from both sides of the Louisiana/Texas border.

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