Waskom City Council Honors Executive City Secretary Tammy Lofton

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, Waskom City Council held a regularly scheduled meeting at the City Hall Board Room. The meeting was led by Mayor Jesse Moore and flanked by City Council Members James Murf King (Mayor Pro Tem), Jimmy Dale Moore, Tommy Philpot, Michael Phillips and Russell Albritton and Harrison County Commissioner William Hatfield.

Founder and Pastor of the Jesus Center Full Gospel Church, Mary Hughes, PhD, opened the meeting by inviting everyone to the Community Thanksgiving Service at her church on November 18th, 2018 at 6 PM.

Multiple Thanksgiving events will be taking place in Waskom during the month of November.

The regular agenda addressed city issues and departmental needs.

The City Council considered and approved the following measures:

  • Payment for current bills
  • Adopting Resolution No. 332 for approving the purchase and sale of real property by Harrison County Appraisal District
  • Approving gift certificates for City Employees and Fire Department
  • Approving pay increases for City Employees for the month of December
  • Purchasing 2019 Chevrolet 1500 Silverado 4×4 Crew Cab Truck for Police Department
  • Approving contract for water tanks inspections
  • Considering and taking action on retention storage buildings

After the meeting was adjourned, the City Council honored Executive City Secretary Tammy Lofton with a special surprise reception, to celebrate her recent official certification. A special cake and refreshments were served to celebrate this special occasion. Tammy Lofton’s family joined her for the festivities, adding to the element of surprise.

Executive City Secretary Tammy Lofton is now officially a State of Texas Certified City Executive Secretary, after completing a series of university-level classes and extensive studies.

Former  City if Waskom executive secretary Marlene Solomon, who had retired after 39 years of community service as City Secretary, acknowledged and commended Ms. Lofton’s dedication and her academic achievements.

Attendees included Community Leader Marty Vaughan, Waskom Police Chief Westy Meisenheimer, Waskom police officers Aaron Luce and Patsy Jones, with Brandon Latham, Chuck McGinnis, Judge Kathy McGinnis, Clerk of Court Teresa Garrison and others.

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  1. There is no coincidence that me and my wife ran into and met Tammy while she was helping to mow city park this past summer. It is a privilege to know the city has a City Secretary of her caliber and integrity. Vickie and I pray you have an ongoing place with this city for a long time and a friend to us.

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