Newton Eagles 45 – Waskom Wildcats 6

The Newton Eagles came in to play the Waskom Wildcats at the Abe Martin Stadium in Lufkin, Texas with a 12-0 season record. The Wildcats brought at 9-5 record to this Class 3A Division II Region III state quarterfinal contest.  The Eagles controlled the ball and game on their first five possessions of the game scoring each time.

Eagle Davey Johnson made an opening 59-yard touchdown dash. Quarterback Josh Foster hit an Eagle receiver for 6 more points. The point after’s were missed, but a 2 point conversion made the score 14-0.

The 1st quarter was dominated by the Newton offense and defense, leaving 14 points on the scoreboard. Newton closed down the Wildcats strong up the middle running game in the first half. Wildcat Brian Holland broke for an 8-yard gallop, before being brought down by a swarm of Eagles on an outside run.

Waskom attempted a 1st down on a 4th down, Waskom down by 14 points, but the Newton defense held and Newton took possession for a 1st down at the Waskom 49-yard line.

Newton’s offensive line moves the Waskom defense down the field to the 18 yard line, with penalty flags flying against Newton. Eagles Quarterback Josh Foster to receiver Brown makes the score 21 to 0 in the first six minutes of the first quarter.

Waskom flounders, trying to get a running or passing game started. Eagle Linebackers sack Quarterback Carter. Third down from Waskom’s 18-yard line, for 22 with a penalty. The Newton Eagles penetrates the offensive line of Waskom and sack the quarterback before the handoff at the line of scrimmage.

Newton’s punt return ran for a 44-yard return with 2:12 in the first quarter. The score is Newton 28 – Waskom 0. The clock runs out in the first quarter.

Waskom finally forced a 4th down. Newton Eagle Quarterback runs for another touchdown recalled for holding, moving the ball back to the Eagle 18-yard line. Eagle QB Foster throws to Brown for 18 yards, adding another TD with 7:53 in the second quarter, Newton 35 – Waskom 0.

Waskom makes their 1st down by Jacob “Rumbling” Reeves with a running game. Hill brought the second 1st down for the Waskom Nation. Ty Carter attempts to marshal the Wildcats down the playing field.

With 4:22 left in the 2nd quarter, Wildcat Jay Reeves receives a Ty Carter touchdown 39-yard pass for the Wildcats to put points on the scoreboard. Tapia misses the point after. Newton 35 – Waskom 6.

Wildcats kick off and Newton starts marching the ball down field from their 42-yard line. Eagle Noah Williams makes a 50-yard line catch amongst crowded Wildcat defensive backs. Newton is forced to punt with a 4th down and 10. With 1:18 left in the half, Waskom takes possession on their own 5-yard line.

The Wildcats keep hitting that Newton stonewall defense, stopping their running game. Wildcats take another 3-yard loss, as the Wildcats let the clock run out for halftime with a score of Newton 35 – Waskom 6.

The Wildcats open with Jacob Reeves carrying for 5-yards up the middle. The pressure was on as the clock wound down in the 3rd quarter with an incomplete pass by Carter. Newton 35 – Waskom 6.

The 4th quarter is started with the Wildcats in possession, with a 4th down and 1, and Reeves is stopped up the middle. Wildcats turn the ball over to the Eagles with 11:55 in the 4th quarter. The Eagles lose the ball on a fumble and the Wildcats recover on their own 36-yard line but fail to move the ball down field.

Barlow for the Eagles scores a 54-yard touchdown with 8:17 left in the 4th quarter. The point after for the Eagles makes the score with Newton 42 – Waskom 6.

Newton’s down field blocking and tackling makes the difference for the night as the Wildcats takes the kickoff and take the ball on their 23 yard line. The Wildcats and Carter are held by Newton’s power defensive line. Waskom manages to get a 1st down by Jacob Reeves whose second half is opening up. Newton recovers a Carter fumble at the Wildcat 27-yard line.

Second string Quarterback Kevin Watson for the Eagles takes the field with 3rd down and places the ball short of a 1st down. Newton goes for 3-points, with a 31-yard field goal, by Gallen Kellum and puts it through the upright. Newton 45 – Waskom 6.  There is a flag on the play for roughing the kicker.

Waskom takes the ball on their 25-yard line with 3:18 left to play. Reeves makes a 5-yard gain on their first play. The ball is on the 42-yard line, 3rd down and 4 to go. Carter gets the first down for the Wildcats with 1:36 left in the game.

Waskom’s QB Ty Carter made the stats for the Wildcats with 88 of its 173 yards. Player of the game is Jacob Reeves for the Waskom Wildcats.  The final scoreboard reads: Newton 45 – Waskom 6.

Newton Eagles move forward in the regional playoffs. Carthage plays Henderson concurrent with the Wildcats and Eagles. Newton is 13-0, League 5-0, Rank: 617, TX Rank: 84. Eagle QB Josh Foster threw 7-of-13 in his passing game for 115 yards and three TD’s. Foster hit Tamauzia Brown four times for 62-yards and one touchdown. Noah Williams had one catch for 30 yards and one touchdown.

Newton’s Coach W.T. Johnson reportedly said, “We’re used to starting fast and winning early.” The Eagles travel to Porter’s Texan Drive Stadium, for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff to play Boling next Friday in the state final.

Coach Keeling did a tremendous job in bringing the Wildcats to this place in the regional playoffs.

Waskom Superintendent Jimmy Cox was interviewed and said, “Playing a team like Newton is a great accomplishment for our kids and coach.”

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