Marshall’s “Farm City Week” Showcases Waskom’s Superstars

March 25th was a day and month to remember at Marshall’s annual “Farm City Week.”  Waskom’s field trip brought home a bus load of prizes by the attendees with t-shirts and belt buckles. The kids shared bright smiles on center stage with prize winning animals they participated in by showing the animals.

Waskom’s Stars who signed in to participate were:

Tandy LeMay, Cheyenne Treece, Steve Cabrera, Josh Stone, Autumn Prather

Paisley White

Vanesa Rosas-Herbin

Tandi LeMay, Autumn Prather

Cheyenne Warren with her prize hog

Cheyenne Warren

Jadyn Lee with Autumn Prather

The Waskom’s Shining Star Directors were:

Leigh Ann Hearon, Lorenzo Thomas and Becky Litton

Everyone came home a winner!

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