Local Elections: Todd MacLarty

Christopher Todd MacLarty is seeking Harrison County’s Court-at-Law Bench. MacLarty is a graduate of Florida’s Nova Southeastern University, who worked as an Assistant Prosecutor for the area’s misdemeanor division, practicing law since 1991.

MacLarty hung his legal shingle for a while in Harrison County before moving to the Dallas, Texas area and practiced law there and pro bono work for the Dallas Bar Association. It is high on his list of community action to ensure due process for those that suffer financial difficulties in the big-dollar field of litigation. Todd practices general law, handling civil and criminal matters, family law, wills, probate, to include medical malpractice, while providing legal relief and representation to battered and women pro bono.

Todd MacLarty has moved to the Marshall area to practice law and to challenge Harrison County Court-at-Law Judge Joe Black in the upcoming March primary elections.

Republican Women of Harrison County hosted a “Meet the Candidate” forum on February 6, 2018 at the Trinity Episcopal Church. Todd MacLarty was unable to attend, due to an illness. At the time, he was being treated in a Dallas hospital. Those in attendance asked for prayers for MacLarty.

However, in a previous article interview, MacLarty stated, “I just think that I would make an improvement on the court in a sense that I would have fresh eyes on cases and be respectful to all litigants and parties in matters that come in the court and treat everyone like they were an attorney — even though they might not be — to move cases through and lower the amount of cases that are pending to save time, money; and in a sense of judicial fairness.”

MacLarty said, “My goal is to certainly improve on the (disposition) of all the civil and criminal cases that are pending. First off, (it will) reduce the time that it takes to move cases through the court system, improve on the party judicial rendering so that litigants don’t have to wait long for a judgment to be rendered, and reduce cost to the county by reducing the caseload, which translates into more money for the county to spend on things like schools, roads, improvements, attracting businesses and increasing the popularity of Harrison County.”

His changes and revamping would include setting up a Pretrial Division Court program for first-time offenders who get arrested for Class A/B misdemeanors and work towards rehab rather than jail time. Objectively, to save taxpayers money and give the offender a second chance, by the blemish being removed from their record.

Todd MacLarty, the candidate is a member of the Texas Bar Association and Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers. He is also licensed to practice in both the Eastern and Northern Federal District Courts.

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