Local Elections: Harrison County DA Coke Solomon

DA Solomon’s re-election bid is riding a wave of success, with the homicide rate greatly reduced – spanning a 30-year period of statistics that makes Harrison County a safer place to live. Solomon states, “I’m pretty proud of that.”

Solomon has taken the initiative to fast-track criminal prosecutions, working closely with law enforcement for justice to be served. A prolonged pre-trial period has been cut, from an average of one and one-half years, to six to nine months to come to trial. Misdemeanors are at an all-time low: from taking one year to being calendared, now reduced to four to five months.

With the reduced rate of crimes, individuals seeking victim’s compensation has declined in Harrison County.  Doing the math with the reduction in crimes committed, victims, reviewing the statistics has saved lives, dollars and cents. Solomon asserted, “That’s significant.”

DA Solomon has worked diligently with State Representative Chris Paddie to aggressively change and remove game laws, with the right to regulate them with the ultimate intent to have them outlawed.

Harrison County Sheriff Tom McCool and State Senator Bryan Hughes have both endorsed District Attorney Solomon’s bid for re-election.

Solomon’s office and efforts have been to protect the children of Harrison County and families as a priority in establishing a division of Child Protective Services with a staff attorney to meet the needs for child safety, and child services of the community.

Solomon said he has campaigned on running his office more efficiently and cost-effectively for the tax-payers and contends he has accomplished this on his list of to-do items for Harrison County and citizens. Safety and due process are never compromised in streamlining his administration to be accountable financially.

Coke Solomon looks forward to serving the people of Harrison County and working with law enforcement to ensure the welfare and safety for all of its citizens, while broadening and enhancing relations with all city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

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