Local Elections: Garrett Boersma

Former Marshall City Councilman, Garrett Boersma is in the race for the seat of State Representative of District 9 in Harrison County. Boersma brings into the heated contest a life dedicated to conservative Republican values and community service.

Boersma, a graduate of North Texas University, earned a degree in Finance. Garrett lives and works in Marshall, where he serves as President of Commercial Resources. As a businessman, Boersma opposes tax increases and big government, with a record of serving the community and citizens of Harrison County. One of many objectives is to stop excessive taxation and any regulations that prohibit job growth, economic development and prosperity.

Garrett says that as State Representative for District 9, he will continue to promote and endorse free enterprise for the district, working to reduce government waste and excessive spending, to faithfully protect unborn life, and to preserve the Second Amendment constitutional rights to bear arms, as well as to secure our border and put a stop to illegal immigration, on a state and national level. Boersma added, he has and will continue to support local control and competition in our education system for the welfare of children and families.

Garrett was raised in East Texas and has dedicated his life to serving the community. He served as past President of the Harrison County Historical Museum, and as a former board member for the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Pines, the Harrison County Historical Commission and with the Harrison County Children’s Services board.

Garrett Boersma is a devout Christian who serves and worships at the First United Methodist Church in Marshall. His fiancé is Jonna Fitzgerald of Tyler, TX.

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