Heck of a wreck near Waskom

Waskom Fire & Rescue EMT’s, led by Waskom Fire Chief James “Murph” King, responded to what appeared to be a multiple automobile collision on  the I-20 Freeway, just West of David Beard’s Catfish Village restaurant. Several members of a family traveling to California were in transit, towing a second family car, when an 18-wheeler freighter reportedly blew a tire at the maximum speed limit of 75 MPH’s, and never slowed down or stopped to see the possible carnage left behind.

The stage was set for one heck of a wreck. The mother, driving with her two children and a family pet, swerved to miss the rubber thrown in their lane of traffic from the truck’s blown tire.

From all indications, the mother then lost control of her vehicle, with the second car in tow. The second car was ripped free from the lead vehicle, both cars became airborne and tumbled, coming to a rest on their respective side and roof. Westbound traffic slowed to a crawl, while the vehicles and passengers were extracted, examined and subsequently released. Waskom ISD Police Chief David Delude was on location, rerouting traffic to ensure safety for passing motorists.

Waskom Fire Department spokesman Bill Ledger commented that the occupants of the vehicle were shaken, a bit bruised and the family dog was frightened, but all survived the ordeal without significant injuries, having been examined by Waskom Fire & Rescue EMT’s. Texas DPS Troopers transported the family to Enterprise Car Rental and to a Marshall, TX Hotel to recover.

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