First Baptist Church VBS Family Night

Waskom’s First Baptist Church VBS celebrated their Thursday night finale with a bright and colorful light display that accentuated the stage production of the VBS extravaganza, graduating night. WFBC Youth Pastors Jacob and Amy Speight framed the ceremony with magical lighting and production by the multi-talented VBS Directors: Aimee Shelton, Karen Pinkston, Amy Speight, Jacob Speight, Chris Gledhill and Heather McPherson from the WFBC staff.

Music and dance moves filled the sanctuary with Pastor, Dr. Ivy & Aimee Shelton praying to start the celebratory evening. The children demonstrated moves that entertained the audience no less than famed Hollywood specials or Broadway musicals. The church pews were filled with parents, grandparents and great, great grandparents.

A video history of the week’s events was made and highlighted with a special screening for the night, honoring and showcasing the students and staff during their fun-filled experiences.

Classes and playtime filled the week with laughter and study time with Bible studies, indoor and outdoor games and sports and supervised activities. The FBC family ensured the schedule was action packed and on-time, from event to event, day to day.

The grand finale for the VBS week was the water tank dunking of Aimee Shelton for the cause and love of the VBS, since the boys fund-raised more money and Ms. Aimee had to take the dunking for the girls’ team.

Pastor Ivy was at the ready with a plush towel, meeting his bride on her way back out of the water.

Special thanks to 4 & 5 years: Rose McLane, Katie Lowery, Jaiden Jones, Taylor Culpepper

Kindergarten: Lindse Blackshear, MaKayla Dalton, Hannah Speight, Josh Cole

1st Grade: Francine Lukehart, Jennifer Johnson, Maddie Johnson

2nd Grade; Kim Weglowski, Angel LeBlanc, Konner Dalton

3rd Garde: Aimee Shelton, Sue Gardiner, Zachery Nowlan

4th Grade: Karen Pinkston, Jenna Leonards, Rajah Cox

5th & 6th grade: Paula Carpenter, Kennadie Philpot, Rachal Payne

Music: Amy Speight, Preston Speight/4yrs. – K Music Emma Crisp

Recreation: Daniel Shelton, Evey Crisp, Stone Crisp, Tyler Bumpers

Kitchen: Carolyn Blackshear, Billie Jean Collins, Linda Ott, Brooke Lloyd, Francis Snider

Crafts: Terry Slone, Linda Bond, Jan Wolfe, Francis Snider, / 4 yrs. K Crafts: Emma Crisp

Office: Tammy Dean, Linda Giddings, Heather McPhearson

Runners: Billie Mack Philipot, Chaney Allwhite, Kim Philpot

Photographer/Videographer/Sound/Lights: Heather McPhearson, Chris Gledhill

Registration: Linda Giddings, Billie Philpot, Tammy Dean

Van Drivers: Amy Speight, Francis Snider, Heather McPhearson

Decorators: Philpot Family, Speight Family, Shelton Family

VBS Directors: Aimee Shelton, Karen Pinkston, Amy Speight

Plans are underway to expand the facility and mission field at WFBC, taking Waskom to the world in service of the Kingdom of God, with the growing congregation.

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