Faith Independent Baptist Church summer ends as VBS starts the 2018 school year

Pastor Doug and Theresa Lovett hosted visiting Shreveport Pastors Jim and Molly Gulledge and their pet monkey Oscar. The theme was “Track and Snacks” with Oscar, Bible teaching, games, music and more for three nights of VBS at FIBC.

Jim and Molly traveled from Shreveport, LA across the stateline, but not too far away from home, where their ministry of 37 years young carries them to different locations.

Molly and Oscar entertained the kids while Molly’s testimony as a cancer survivor, overcoming polio and recovering being hit by a car are inspirational for all in attendance.

Faith Independent Baptist Church provides bus services to the church regularly for families and children attending. Pastor Doug is a member of the Pastors Alliance in Waskom and works with the United Help Of Waskom in meeting the needs of the people.

Vacation Bible school ended tonight and the new 2018 school year begins Monday, August 20, 2018, back to school.

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