Faith Independent Baptist Church Concert and Thanksgiving Celebration

Waskom was busy last Sunday night for Faith Independent Baptist Church, Pastor Doug & Theresa Lovett, with a full house of fellowship and concert, from the West to the East with a gathering of churches, pastors, community leaders, for the Thanksgiving celebration and music with Waskom’s beloved Hootens family, bringing their family songs of praise from the youngest – Elijah, his older brother Zachariah, Carli, Donnie, Angela, Nathan Hooten on the piano and Uncle Ronnie.

The chapel was packed, with standing room only. Waskom Mayor Jesse Moore was in attendance with Waskom City Councilmen Tommy Philpot, Rusty Allbritton, Waskom Police Chief Westy Meisenheimer, Waskom Fire Chief Murf King, Captain Tim Weglowski, Marty Vaughan of the Fire Department and Harrison County Deputy Sheriff Vance Cruze.

From the Pastors Alliance of the Waskom Community, Pastor Travis Gulley from the Pentecostal Church, Pastor Sherry Crenshaw from the United Methodist Church, Dr. Mary Hughes from the Jesus Center Full Gospel Church and Pastor Jim Brackman from the Presbyterian Church.

The Hootens raised the rafters with praise and worship, led by Donnie Hooten, Ron Hooten with a magnificent country and western solo. Nathan Hooten masterfully played the piano. Two of the youngest Hootens, Elijah and his older brother Zachariah, delivered their first public performance, carrying on the family tradition with a sterling rendering of a beautiful song.

Church Service at Faith Independent Baptist Church
Sunday Services – 11:00 AM
Sunday School – 10:00 AM
Sunday Evening – 5:00 PM
Monday Prayer Group – 4:30 PM
Wednesday – 6:30 PM

Faith Independent Baptist Church
Pastor Doug Lovett
Traditional Values – King James Bible – Family Friendly
465 Eberle Street, Waskom, Texas – Tel. (318) 422-4031

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