Dedicated Teachers Bring Color to Waskom Elementary

People are known to be impacted by their environment and studies confirm that colors can enhance our moods, affect our appetites, behavior and attitudes. Studies indicate that color also plays an important part in our productivity and learning. For example, green and blue colors elicit calmness, relaxation, happiness and comfort, yellow promotes the feelings of liveliness, energy, happiness and excitement. Splashes of red and orange attract learners’ attention to detail.

According to studies, younger children thrive in a bright-colored environment. Teachers of the Waskom’s elementary school decided to brighten up the world for their pupils. Dedicated staff painted the walls to surprise and welcome the children at the upcoming start of the new school year.

The halls and rooms of the elementary school were skillfully decked out with a bright array of colors and visually stimulating imagery, to stimulate the creativity of the students.

The teaching staff at the elementary school created a new, bright and colorful atmosphere, with artwork, cartoon characters and superheroes, encouraging words and quotes that will undoubtedly enhance the growth and development of the 2017 school assembly.

Tammy Mierop, State and Federal Programs Coordinator/District Testing Coordinator for Waskom ISD, said: “The painting project has brought the campus together as a family and revived the spirits of the staff. We really hope that the students and families feel as blessed as we do.”

Teachers who took part in this project:

  • Brooke Michel
  • Tammy Mierop
  • Brittney Davis
  • Kim Weglowski
  • Jennifer White
  • Amanda Meyer
  • Leigh Ann Hearon
  • Erin Reeves
  • Pam Whorton
  • Ashley Barbo
  • Michelle Thompson
  • Sabrina Sanders
  • Vanessa Winters
  • Jessica Cox
  • Jaci Harville
  • Carrie Gill
  • Stacie Baugh
  • Tiffany Cortez
  • Ashley Terry
  • Crystal Toal
  • Shelley Bradshaw
  • Lisa Jones
  • Joy Page
  • Barbara Harp
  • Shannon Ryan
  • Crystal Welch
  • Tammy Dean
  • Briley Fort
  • Lauren Boone
  • Erica Scott
  • Faith Graves
  • Olivia Terry
  • Wade Youngblood

Updated facilities will certainly give an excellent work and study environment for every grade and the children with never be without eye-candy. Fun-filled, colorful classrooms will promote better attitudes, broadened attention spans in a safe and welcoming environment.

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