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T.C. Lindsey & Co. General Store Day Proclamation for 170th Anniversary

October 31, 2017 admin 1
On October 30, 2017, the Harrison County Historic Courthouse was convened with Judge Hugh Taylor presiding and Commissioners William Hatfield, Phillip Maudlin, Zephaniah Timmins, and Jay Ebarb in attendance. They unanimously voted and thereby approved, […]
Waskom News

FUMC hosts “Twined Lives: Open Hearts – Living Interconnections in Nicaragua”

October 28, 2017 admin 0
First United Methodist Church of Waskom, Pastor Sherry Crenshaw and Marty Vaughan hosted Sarah  Junkin Woodard, for “Twined Lives: Open Hearts – Living Interconnections in Nicaragua”, in conjunction with the Center for Development in Central […]


  1. A sense of value…..A sense of pride
    It seems like there may a slow swell gaining ground that is delivering a wonderful message….it is okay to demonstrate your pride in America. This is a return to yester year when Mr and Mrs. Cleaver, Andy Griffin, and the Lone Ranger conveyed a message that taught a sense of values including, prayer, celebration of pride in our wonderful country, and the unerring difference between right and wrong. These values have not been lost, only misplaced for a while, only to be brought out, cleaned up, and presented to a new generation when required.
    There are many that think that our current younger generation, the so called millenials, have none of the values of generations past, may be, maybe not. Let us experience another horror such as 9/11/2001 and see if the millenials respond, gathering around a flag, that may be a charred and mangled banner, but still represents the repulic for which it stands, and becomes a beacon to all to step up and show us, and the rest of the world, our true colors.
    The shame of this is that it has taken the actions of severely misguided individuals to bring out the best in us.
    I am not advocating a return to those times, only a recognition that something has been missing from our culture and it may well be, A Sense Of Value, and A Sense Of Pride.

  2. So glad to know about the Waskom Post. Such a great addition to our lives in this great community.

    Louise Dickson and Jere Cravens

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